Bill Springer Photographer   Altamont, Tennessee   Metro Detroit, Michigan

Parked Domains:

The year of change.
©William Springer II [Bill S.]
10-30-13 island lake rec area, from parking lot P1011388.JPG
08-30-13 chimney rock swimming hole P1011329.tif
11-18-13 Sarah in Warren P1011522 cropped toned autocolor.jpg
Island Lake, Michigan
My swimming hole, Altamont, Tennessee
My daughter, Sarah Christine, Warren, Michigan
10-14-13 brighton by night P1011369.tif
10-23-13 barn near gregory P1011464 toned.jpg
Abstract of barn, near Gregory, Michigan
About 2013 . . .
   This is the year I transitioned from a photojournalist back to a photographer. In the autumn I began to shoot color, I suppose because of the trees. The intensity of summer colors was fading away, which allowed for a subtle form of color. As it turned out, my color work during this season had a unique quality, it was color by the terms of black-and-white. Autumn became summer, bright and alive but muted in picture.
  – Bill Springer
Brighton, Michigan
10-23-13 dexter rd small barn P1011378.jpg
06-30-13 stinging fork, near spring city tn P1011302.tif
Dexter-Pinckney Road, Michigan
Stinging Fork, near Spring City, Tennessee
11-18-13 Sarah in Warren P1011515.tif
04-11-13 patrick elwell, auburn hills P1011231 FULL-RES.tif
11-02-13 the hidden fence - lakelands cc CROPPED & TONED and re
Patrick Elwell, Auburn Hills, MI [micro 4/3]
The Hidden Fence, Michigan [micro 4/3 format]
Sarah Christine Springer, Warren, Michigan
06-29-13 near pikeville, tn, bledsoe county P1011294.tif
03-16-13 river canard, ontario P1011205.JPG
06-29-13 near pikeville, tn, bledsoe county P1011278.tif
Bledsoe County, Tennessee
River Canard, Ont., Canada [micro 4/3]
Bledsoe County, Tennessee
08-30-13 steve and nancy graham P1011350.tif
10-19-13 portage lake access site P1011372.JPG
Steve and Nancy Graham, Pelham, TN
Portage Lake access point, Michigan
10-23-13 hudson mills, huron river P1011374.jpg
10-23-13 hudson mills, huron river P1011373.jpg
06-29-13 sequatchee river near headwater P1011265.tif
Huron River, Michigan
Huron River, Michigan
Sequachee River headwater