Bill Springer Photographer   Altamont, Tennessee   Metro Detroit, Michigan

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©William Springer II [Bill S.]
02-21-12 Old Sweetwater, tn P1010561 LOW-RES.JPG
Old Sweetwater, Tennessee
02-29-12 Dr Harbolt P1010587 face toned.tif
02-22-12 near sneedville tn P1010584.JPG
Near Sneedville, Tennessee
About 2012 . . .
   Here are some shots from east Tennessee, and some portraits, especially my doctor and neighbor Byron Harbolt.
  – Bill Springer
Dr. Harbolt, Altamont
04-03-12 dogwoods, tarleton valley P1010611.JPG
Dogwoods in Tarleton Valley, Tennessee
01-05-12 pond, skymont P1010442.tif
02-21-12 Louden tn P1010570.JPG
12-16-12 Sam, Brigantino's, windsor P1011150 toned.tif
01-28-12 Bob and Ginny Carter, chicago P1010526.tif
Skymont, Tennessee
Louden, Tennessee
Sam at Brigantino’s, Windsor
Bob and Ginny Carter, Chicago
08-06-12 tom creighton, tracy city P1010369.tif
02-23-12 angie in dandridge tn P1010572.JPG
02-22-12 leon in brighton P1011186.tif
01-28-12 marilyn monroe statue, chicago P1010528.JPG
Tom Creighton, Tracy City, TN
Angie Crisp, Dandridge, TN
Leon Crisp, Brighton, MI
Marilyn Monroe, Chicago