Bill Springer Photographer   Altamont, Tennessee   Metro Detroit, Michigan

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©William Springer II [Bill S.]
04-15-11 beersheba springs L1000768.tif
04-15-11 beersheba springs L1000773.tif
Beersheba Springs, Tennessee
Beersheba Springs, Tennessee
07-23-11 Hazel the Bee Killer.tif
12-08-11 pines, skymont, tn P1010411.JPG
Skymont, Tennessee
About 2011 . . .
   These are mostly snapshots. There will be more to come.
  – Bill Springer
Hazel [Kilgore] the Bee Killer, Monteagle, TN [film]
11-21-11 skymont, tn, gap rd P1010324.JPG
Skymont, Tennessee
12-08-11 sunrise, skymont P1010416.tif
11-11-11 Leon Crisp, Altamont P1010294.tif
07-16-11 Hazel at her birthday party, altamont L1000019.tif
Skymont, Tennessee
Leon Crisp, Altamont
Hazel Kilgore on her birthday
01-03-11 angie L1000739.JPG
12-08-11 matt nance, altamont P1010450.JPG
11-11-11 Leon and Angie, McMinnville, Depot Junction Cafe P1010
Angie Crisp, Altamont
Matt Nance, Altamont
Leon and Angie Crisp, McMinnville, Tennessee