Bill Springer Photographer   Altamont, Tennessee   Metro Detroit, Michigan

Parked Domains:

©William Springer II [Bill S.]
10-17-09 Big Don Hill at Howell Adam's barn dance L1000166 re-t
09-01-09 Weberville, Michigan L1000005.tif
10-17-09 howell adams, barn dance L1000142.tif
Big Don Hill, Beersheba Springs, Tennessee
Weberville, Michigan
Howell Adams, Beersheba Springs, Tennessee
06-07-09 fountain, warren civic center L1000022 rgb.tif
09-02-09 suttons bay L1000403.jpg
Suttons Bay, Michigan
About 2009 . . .
   There’s not too much to say here, more color pictures. The black-and-whites will be posted at a later date.
  – Bill Springer
Civic Center, Warren, Michigan
11-24-09 townsend L1000364.tif
05-07-09 chris fults, michiganL1000012.jpg
Townsend, Tennessee
Chris Fults, Lake Michigan
06-08-09 Warren City Square Stage #L1000028.tif
07-09-09 pampa lanes, warren 55 chevy L1000036 fixed gamma+ rgb
10-16-09 howell adams L1000110b-ds -40.tif
06-21-09 La Ranchera, Tracy City, Tennessee #L1000096.tif
Civic Center, Warren, Michigan
Warren, Michigan
Howell Adams, Beersheba
Tracy City, Tennessee
11-24-09 angie in townsend  L1000372.tif
11-25-09 angie in townsend L1000363.tif
Angie Crisp, Townsend, Tennessee
Angie Crisp, Townsend, Tennessee
12-18-09 chevy volt, GM proving ground L1000451.tif
05-05-09 Gassaway, Tennessee  Pinto Bogle H.tif
Volt Testing, GM Proving Ground, Milford, MI
Mr Bogle and his Pinto, Gassaway, Tennessee