Bill Springer Photographer   Altamont, Tennessee   Metro Detroit, Michigan

Parked Domains:

©William Springer II [Bill S.]
10-14-07 the Gobers.tif
05-00-07 Randy Taylor - IIIf with Summitar-KB25.tif
06-00-07 Valley Head, Alabama.tif
The Gobers, Altamont
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Valley Head, Alabama
04-02-07 Angie and her mom.tif
06-00-07 Beersheba.tif
Beersheba Springs, Tennessee
About 2007 . . .
    All these pictures were taken on film, except the color shot of Hazel Kilgore.
  – Bill Springer
Mother and daughter, Grundy County, Tennessee
05-00-07 Randy Taylor - IIIf with Summitar-KB25.tif
Randy Taylor, Altamont
05-00-07 senator bob corker, monteagle (face brightened) print.
10-00-07 jim Richards, Mission Pt, MI.tif
09-15-07 Hazel Kilgore L1010125 final.tif
06-13-07 angie, old mission peninsular.tif
U.S. Senator Bob Corker, TN
Jim Richards, Mission Point, MI
Hazel Kilgore, Monteagle, TN
Angie Crisp, Mission Point, MI