Bill Springer Photographer   Altamont, Tennessee   Metro Detroit, Michigan

Parked Domains:

Tennessee and Michigan
©William Springer II [Bill S.]
03-00-06 Detroit Institute of Art #DX.tif
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06-00-06 near Hickory Corners, MI #DXa.tif
About 2005 . . .
   I continued using Kodak Double-X into 1976 and beyond. It still remains my favorite film, and I still prefer film over digital. But in future years I would use digital more and more, applying the same style established with film. God made us analog.
   The picture of Angie Crisp was taken with a Leitz 50mm Summar lens, from the late 1920s. The “bokeh” effect in the out-of-focus area is often seen in some old movies.
  – Bill Springer
Near Hickory Corners, Michigan [film, Kodak Double-X]
03-00-06 Detroit Institute of Art #DX.tif
Detroit Institute of Art [film, Kodak Double-X]
06-00-06 Sarah, Warren, MI #DX.tif
12-00-06 Angie close-up with summar lens - toned ver2.tif
02-00-06 Howell, MI rail tracks 14x21 300dpi toned.tif
01-00-06 Rik Wagner -The Doctor- Detroit, MI 14x21.tif
Sarah Christine Springer [D-X]
Angie Crisp Nance  [Double-X]
Howell, Michigan [Double-X]
The Doctor, Detroit [Double-X]