Bill Springer Photographer   Altamont, Tennessee   Metro Detroit, Michigan

Parked Domains:

Tennessee and Michigan
©William Springer II [Bill S.]
11-00-05 Chimney Rock Falls #4 RGB.tif
03-00-05 near Sharon Valley, MI (8x10) #65-66.tif
Chimney Rock Falls, Altamont
Sharon Valley, Washtenaw County, Michigan
11-00-03 Walnut St Bridge #23 (12x18).tif
About 2005 . . .
   These pictures were all made on film, some on Kodak Double-X which is a movie film sold in bulk. Had to purchase a couple of “movie reelers” from Hollywood to spool this down into 35mm cassettes. Double-X is the closest thing to Kodak Super-X of several decades before, but it lacks the anti-halation backing of modern film. Its thick emulson renders a beautiful long tonal range. It is my favorite film, and not widely known.
  – Bill Springer
Walnut Street Bridge, Chattanooga [Kodak Double-X]
09-00-05 Pattys dresser drawers, Altamont, TN #DX.tif
Dresser Drawers, Altamont [on Kodak Double-X film]
10-00-05 Nino at Pastaria, Signal Mtn, TN adjusted #DX.tif
11-00-05 Richmond Trues, Chattanooga #DX.tif
Nino Piccolo, Signal Mtn., TN
Richmond Truex, Chattanooga