Bill Springer Photographer   Altamont, Tennessee   Metro Detroit, Michigan

Parked Domains:

The year the pictures became serious
00-00-68 WS portrait, help by John Scofield #7 panatomic-x PROF
Bill Springer 1968
©William Springer II [Bill S.]
00-00-68 Marcus Brighton England #38a ilford fp4.tif
00-00-68 Notre Dame, Paris #8a plus-x.tif
00-00-68 Brighton, England #35 fp4 540x360.tif
Marcus, the Golden Labrador
Notre Dame de Paris
Brighton, Sussex, England
00-00-68 Terry Haslett, Streatham, London #72 adox kb-14 in neo
00-00-68 Brighton, England #34a fp4 540x360.tif
Brighton, Sussex, England
About 1968 . . .
    I really learned about photography in England in this year, where black and white was the standard, and color the exception. It was a unique opportunity.
   Darkroom technique and the understanding of gradation in relation to mid-tones and contrast began with these pictures. The methods I established then remain the hallmark of my technique, even in the digital era. I am forever indebted to Terry Haslett of Croydon, Surrey, for challenging me and sharing his knowledge.
– Bill Springer
Terry Haslett, South Thames Canera Centre, Streatham
00-00-68 Tommy Atkins Brighton England #37a ilford fp4.tif
00-00-68 Ali Atkins, Brighton, England ilford fp4 360x540 72dpi
00-00-68 Roy Campbell, Streatham Mill, London #27 tri-x.tif
00-00-68 Speakers Corner at Hyde Park, London #19 tri-x toned 3
Tommy Atkins
Ali Atkins
Roy Campbell, Brixton Bus
Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park
00-00-68 darkroom, streatham hill #79 adox kb-14.tif
00-00-68 my BSA 175cc Bantam, Streatham Hill, London #24a plus-
Makeshift darkroom in the cellar of my flat
My BSA Bantom 175cc 2-stroke cycle
00-00-68 Nutty Streatham. London #24 tri-x 360x540.tif
00-00-68 Hyde Park, Speakers Corner #34 tri-x in microdol-x 540
00-00-68 self-portrait, 32 Tierney Rd., Streaham Hill panatomic
Nutty the Chestnut Man
Hyde Park, London
Self-Portrait, Streatham Hill